Transform – 4 months / 16 weeks

$3,200 ($800/month)

– Holistic Body Type Assessment
– Nutrition & Wellness strategy
– Individual support & accountability
– Before-and-afer evaluation

The perfect program to ensure sustainable change and long-lasting results. I can help you meet your ideal weight, detox your body, home, and lifestyle, get your energy and confidence back, and find out, once and for all, the root causes of your bloating and other gut issues. We work on improving your sleep and managing stress, integrate a solid fitness routine, and improve skin clarity. If you’re suffering from symptoms triggered by hormonal, auto-immune, and inflammatory conditions, we focus on relieving them naturally and you learn how to best manage them long term.


  • Believe in preventive wellness and want to become the healthiest version of you for the long haul.
  • Have a busy schedule that requires flexibility to account for unexpected changes including travel.
  • Are under a lot of pressure that translates into bad sleeping habits and emotional or binge eating.
  • Want to lose over 20 lbs, not put them back, and say sayonara to the hard-to-get-rid-of lower belly pooch…yes, it has a name!
  • Are ready to commit to a full Elimination diet to identify the triggers of your chronic gut symptoms (IBS, SIBO).  This is a very eye-opening exercise and the most accurate way to know what doesn’t resonate well with you.  Many food sensitivities don’t show up in blood work. We remove all potential allergens and reintroduce them one at a time to identify the culprits.  Note: low-FODMAP plans may require an extra month.
  • Are suffering from hormonal imbalances (PCOS, endometriosis, hypo/hyper-thyroidism), autoimmune or inflammatory conditions (arthritis, lupus, Parkinson’s) and want to learn how to manage your symptoms naturally.
  • Are eager to relieve stubborn menopausal symptoms such as hot flashes, night sweats, mood swings, brain fog, sluggishness, and low sex drive.
  • Want to make cleaner and safer beauty and household product choices to detox not only your body but also your home, family, and lifestyle.


  • HOLISTIC BODY TYPE ASSESSMENT. 60-minute session where we set goals and build your bio profile by looking at your diet, lifestyle, mindset, and symptoms. I interpret your medical tests, recommend further testing if needed, and give you access to my client portal and app. You start logging in your daily FMP (Food, Mood & Poop) journal, weight, and other metrics to track progress.
  • NUTRITION & WELLNESS STRATEGY. 60-minute kick-off session where I introduce you to your personalized plan based on real foods and supplements. We start with a 3-day detox, eliminate food allergens, and restock your pantry and fridge with healthier options. I share my fave brand, product, and restaurant choices and provide you with all shopping lists and recipes.
  • INDIVIDUAL SUPPORT & ACCOUNTABILITY. Weekly sessions to build your weekly meal plans, track progress, test for food sensitivities, and make adjustments. Online chatting, follow ups, and Q&A in between sessions through my app.
  • THE FOCUS IS ON RESULTS! 60-minute wrap-up session where I share Your Success Story – how well you did, the actions you took to meet your goals, roadblocks along the way, and performance outcomes including a before-and-after evaluation of your medical tests. We talk about next steps and celebrate.